Clooseh: adj. a human with whom you frequently interact with and/or have an intense emotional bond


  1. Mental Peace:

Some humans create personal anxiety and fear with a spouse in a marriage by being a responsible and devoted spouse but in dealing with the opposite sex have a playboy or playgirl mentality and different values.  This means hypocrisy and misery which is the result of trying to maintain essentially two split personalities which are not morally consistent.

If married then try to control your adulterous tendencies and you will be happier in the long duration.

Other people try to please too many different people with different wants and needs and this usually results in basic dishonest behavior which makes mental peace and happiness impossible because of immorality.

The key to mental peace is a simplified morality which creates priorities so that you don’t waste time on stressful personal…

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This week’s Freshly Pressed posts continued to impress us with the range, depth, and honesty of the material being put out into the world by WordPress.com bloggers. As a community, you’re bold, not afraid to put yourselves on the line, and committed to chewing through important questions, even if you don’t always have the answers to them. That makes for heady reading, and passionate, opinionated conversation in the comments afterwards.

If you’re looking for something to read this week, we’ve picked three posts that share a preoccupation with trying to be authentic in a high-speed world that often demands that we’re anything but. How do you stay true to yourself when the world around you so actively encourages vapid, “phony” responses to seemingly inescapable situations? In three very different posts, this week’s selection of bloggers tackle that question in their own way.

I Confess. I Cheated.

We face these kinds…

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Recently, Michelle announced the launch of WordPress.com/portfolios. If you take photographs, record music and video, illustrate and paint, or design things, you can build a portfolio here on WordPress.com, using one of our portfolio themes.

I was curious to see how painters use WordPress.com as an ultimate canvas to compile and display their masterpieces. If you’re a painter looking for ways to build your online portfolio, find inspiration from these artists:

Fatima Ronquillo

Born in the Philippines and now living in New Mexico, self-taught painter Fatima Ronquillo paints classically inspired portraits. Yet her body of work also evokes magical realism — it’s playful and even eerie. Fatima’s gallery of paintings covers seven years (click on “Works” in the menu to browse back to 2007), so take the time to browse her collection. She uses Portfolio, a premium theme in our Theme Showcase.

Under the “Representation” tab, she’s created pages for…

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